dear fugazi,
well. it's been ten years since 13 Songs and you guys (and I) are getting on in years but listening to you makes me feel young again. my love for skinny punk boys (especially the ones with glasses) and short hair will never die.


of course, you know that this has sidetracked me throughout most of my adolescence and early adulthood as i fawned relentlessly over a string of boys in bands. they were dirty and silly and often pretty dumb but oh damn were they cute. so fucking cute. and so many nights i spent checking out this certain flavor of eye candy as they stood alone at shows--brooding solitary boys are even better!--with their funny wallet chains and camel lights. in fact, my boy and i were both at a fugazi show in hartford in 1993. that was five years before we officially met, though. but it was a good show.

to this day i can't help myself when i see a boy with glasses, sideburns and a blue, short-sleeved button down shirt and oversized pants on his skinny butt. and if he's wearing headphones... well, my heart just skips a beat.

xoxo, me (l.)

(photo credit: john falls)

Wednesday, December 8, 1999


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