about was born in december 1999, although back then it was known as two girls, c & l, set out to spread the word of their crushes to the universe. they talked about anonymous boys on buses who they never had the guts to speak to, indie rock bands that infatuated them with their sounds, and people who generally had no idea how these two girls felt about them. it was a release for the girls.

one day a boy, j, stumbled upon their writings and was beside himself with drooling. he had found kindred spirits, hopeless romantics like himself on the internet! he was smitten, and wrote the girls a note telling them exactly how he felt. it turned out in the end, remarkably, that j & c already knew each other. what a small world it is, when it comes to the internet and crushes.

somewhere down the line they decided to join forces and throw off the shackles of anonymity; to proclaim to the world that, "we are crush-o-matics and we're not going to hide in the closet about it anymore!" granted, if they were really brave they'd just go up and talk to their crushes and reveal the truth. but hey, you get the idea.

after a long hiatus, the gang is back and ready for crushin'. claire designed the super-cute graphics, and jack coded the site and put together the design. we are accepting submissions, so if you have a crush story (past or present) that you'd like to tell, please send it to us.

-jack & the gang

Wednesday, December 26th, 2000

about christine
christine has a crush on you. well, maybe not, but don't put it past her. a self-proclaimed sap, she becomes smitten all too quickly. but if -- or shall we say once -- she does, she will be true to you. she will send you gushy notes, she will bake you brownies, she will even watch the X-Files with you, and she doesn't even like the X-Files. she is especially fond of boys with messy hair, funny laughs and comprehensive book and CD collections. you can stalk her at her website,


about lisa
reared on a steady diet of the smiths and other weepy angst music, lisa later grew into a firm believer of "all pain / no gain" and a proud possessor of a chip of epic proportions. currently off the market (entirely of her own accord), her crush stories all follow the mission statement of yearning, burning, and the pursual of unrequited love--or its far-better flipside, "i did it all for the story!" although she hates to admit it, deep inside she's a hardcore romantic. see her in action at


about jack
open the dictionary to "crush" and you will see a picture of jack by the verb. open the dictionary to the words "hopeless" or "romantic" and you will read the suggestion, "see 'crush'." jack has a long history of falling for girls and planning out their entire life together within a span of seconds. it is suggested that you travel the streets of san francisco with a bag over your head, unless you'd like to tempt fate; he'll probably fall for you, too. jack is responsible for the code and design behind this site, as well, and wishes that html was an easier way to a girl's heart. feel free to visit his website,


about claire is an appropriate place to feature claire's artwork. after all, who among the cruisers of the web has not yet fallen in love with her distinctive, endearing drawings? she exudes childlike enthusiasm in everything she does, and we're consistently in awe of her. unfortunately, she is taken, the knowledge of which elicits sighs the world over. you can check out more of her drawings and writing at


about our contributors
aaron used to be one of the most cynical people out there, then he discovered that being a big harborer of crushes was a much better way to go. while it's often times proved to be just as fruitless, he's managed to finely hone his mix cd and letter writing skills, as well as his awkward glances. aaron can be reached via his website,

andrew has had crushes large and small. in between fending off the various unavailable females that demand his time, he manages to get his homework done, drink equal amounts of coffee and alcohol, and attend shows. he never talks to the girl first, and he kind of likes it that way. andrew can be reached at his website, living proof.

bonnie takes life one crush at a time. as a sagittarian, she feels that a guy should be lucky to have her emotions on a roller-coaster. bonnie can be reached at her website,

chris never does anything without putting way more of himself into it than might be wise. like his relationships, his crushes have always been long-term and rather involved. while he has always favored taking a long time off between relationships, there always seems to be at least one girl he's got a crush on. he is currently trying to be a rock star in austin, texas. chris can be reached at his website,

david is a romantic turned cynic turned realist. learning to deal with facing the truths about the real world and the disillusionment that follows, he writes poetry in an effort to place a pattern to the world around him. the thought that there might be no pattern, no justice, in this world is something he is too afraid to fully accept. it is something that he hopes will be proven wrong sometime later in his life. his less thoughtful and more practical side, which is the only side that he allows most people to see, enjoys working out in the gym, swimming, playing tennis, singing along to the radio in the car, and sleeping in.

doc had his first crush on daphne from scooby-doo, and since then he has begun the painstaking and arduous hobby of "collector-crushing." for more about the crushes he collects on a daily basis, you can read his weblog. doc can be reached his website,

ducky likes staying up late a little too much. Her current crushes include sigur ros, ben harper, ang lee and nice milwaukee county bus drivers who help her get where she wants to be without becoming cross because she gets confused by that goshdarn street layout. (she's also a small-town girl at heart, though she hates admitting it.) ducky can be reached at her website,

ellie is on a quest for the boy of her dreams. she's very picky, but she insists that he must exist somewhere on this planet. lately, she's been swooning over frosted flakes, lou reed, and a japanese music magazine called marquee. she is currently studying studio art at a university mostly filled with asian gangster wannabes and frat boys. ellie can be reached at her website,

frankie has never had a girlfriend, save fifth grade, and that lasted two or three class periods. his crushes usually happen at local pie shops or hip hop shows. nothing like seeing a beautiful girl that likes your music but doesn't have to look like she's in a foxy brown video. when he isn't crushing (read: most of the time) he's plopped in front of his computer, which most people that know him will call his real crush. frankie can be reached at his website,

hilary is a sucker for boys with guitars, smooth voices, prematurely receding hairlines, a good vocabulary, and extensive vinyl collections. despite strong feminist sensibilities, she is still reduced to a clumsy, fumbling amoeba-like state when in the same room with a a boy she likes -- even if she's been with them for months. hilary can be reached at her website, a beautiful scale model of life.

holly is a writer from melbourne who writes films, zines, aborted novels and brand power tv scripts. she also makes collages and likes to dance.

jami is a firm believer that fantasy is almost always better than reality when it comes to crushes. jami can be reached at her website,

jessica is a loud, boisterous girl who turns shy and quiet whenever she gets a crush; she's shy and quiet lately. she sends valentines to her favorite rock stars, handmade with lots of paste and glitter, obsessively makes compilation tapes for everybody she knows, and could live off grilled cheese-and-tomato sandwiches for the rest of her life. she drives too fast, listens to sappy geek music and loves guys in bands (especially marching band geeks). jessica can be reached or at her website,

jonathan has had more crushes than an industrial trash compactor. he has only recently stopped letting them paralyze him into inactivity. jonathan can be reached at his website,

kim says she will change the world one day, though likely not alone. she believes in the power of honesty, dancing at all costs, and "[doing] it yourself." she loves newly discovered vegetarian restaurants, days spent exploring unvisited neighboring cities, and, of course, the giddy, blush-inducing rush that you get when the boy you've been staring at finally looks back. kim can be reached at her website, nerd alert.

lane is about as crushed as you can get. she was barely out of diapers before she was first smitten by a blond haired, blue-eyed, fellow preschooler named jeffrey. since leaving the nursery, lane has had her (gargantuan) share of crushes, both online and off. she's the quiet, sensitive, typical piscean girl in the background... but you're never safe from her crush radar. however, she's a taken kind of girl nowadays, so sighs of relief be heard. lane can be reached at her website,

maura mae is a serial crusher. she is back on the market after the culmination of a several year relationship. she hordes her boys, and fantasizes about their next conversation and how she will run into them, when she isn't busy writing about them or dreaming about them. when boys aren't taking up her time, she is hanging with her girls, who she has fierce relationships with, and of course the topic over some tealuxe tea... is crush du jour. maura mae can be reached at her website,

madeline is the kind of gal who falls in love everyday with the unlikeliest of boys. she smiles secretly to herself whenever she's crushing on someone and is likely to walk into a pole, mid-fantasy. (who knows, she might even be crushing on you.) what's the best way into her heart? the door's open, silly.

mally is a little bit too intrigued by boys who seem to have mysterious pasts. determined to somehow strike a balace between this and her wish to find a nice guy to bring home to mom and dad, she attempts to give boys at open mics interested, soulful looks that they rarely notice. once upon a time, she grabbed the attention of these young lads by publishing little magazines and talking loudly in bookstores, but she now communicates with the outside world almost solely through the internet from her tiny college campus. mally can be reached at her website,

mark has been crushing since the age of four. he likes anything and anyone interesting. he's a cusp when it comes to zodiac signs (cancer, gemini -- he isn't sure) and can whip up the best fruit smoothie on the east side. his favorite pastimes include making things, going bowling, watching CNN, and checking his email. his goal is to become a supreme court justice and to keep crushing.

miriam has recently begun to accept the fleeting nature of her emotions. mangoes, mochi ice cream and hugs help make sadness flee. she loves her girlfriend, her next door neighbor and the baby puppy she doesn't have yet. she can be found gettin' her groove on in small san francisco hip hop clubs and aboard cruise ships where she's been sighted dancing to salsa music. miriam finds solace in long drives up highway 1, naps under her avocado-colored down comforter, and track 4 on emm gryner's latest release.

nadia has recently decided to give up boys and take up clothes instead, as they come with labels like "cool iron on non-plasticised side only" so there's no need to read in between the lines. besides the gazing upon boys with cheekbones and backs that almost break her heart, she also obsesses over clothes, beads, pepsi, clean lines, minimalism, exercise and creating mix tapes for her car. most boys seem to find her scary and intimidating, but she just want someone to hold her hand. nadia can be reached or at her website,

sarah is not a grown-up. she enjoys shrinky dinks, the color red, and boys who wear big pants. she is twenty-two. she teaches. she thinks diet coke, fake meat, and haikus are rad. sarah enjoys writing in the third person and pretending to be cooler than she really is. sarah can be reached at her website,

sarah h. has many ex-crushes but no current crushees. she lives with two roommates and a dog named lulu from whom she steals all her dance moves. one day sarah h. hopes to be crushed out on a boy who is as crushed out on her so they could take photobooth pictures together, cook yummy meals for each other, and play with each other's hair.

sara is a bad combination of picky and shy, meaning that she rarely gets up the nerve to talk to that cute stranger, and if she does she realizes he wasnt that great after all. for some reason, though, she is still silly enough to believe that there is an edward norton look-alike out there waiting to meet her. sara can be reached at her website,

tim tends to fall in love on a daily basis. he watches romantic comedies at the theater by himself, although he'd hesitate before admitting it to you. actually, you'd be hard pressed to get him to really admit anything to you, let alone talk to you. not because he doesn't want to, not at all. he's naturally timid, nervous, and awkward, which takes up a lot of time in his day. tim can be reached at his website, sounds from a heart murmur.

wendi had her first girl crush on olivia newton john. It took a few years, but real life girl crushes ensued. she revels in a good crush, particularly of the internet variety and can often be found grinning at her computer screen; you'd think she had a crush on her monitor. other things she finds crushable are butch girls, tennis, vanilla lattes, bookstores, San Francisco and big dogs, to name a few. wendi can be reached via at her website,


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