such a good boy.
chris does everything a boy should. he sends sappy notes. he leaves packages on your doorstep. he calls you at 2 a.m. to talk about the meaning of life.

and he's talented, too. he runs a theatre company. he is the lead vocalist in a poppy punk band. he writes wonderfully.

the moment i first laid eyes on him (we worked together), i knew he was special. the first discussion we had (about new york and music and art and movies) sent chills right through me. every encounter i've had with him since (we're good friends) makes me want to know him even more.

he is -- and he has no idea i think this, of course -- the ideal boy. i could bring him home to mom. i could take him to church with me. i could call him the father of my children. i could spend the rest of my life, curled up in bed, discussing everything and anything, and kissing, tons of kissing of course, until the sun comes up.

too bad he has a girlfriend. and it's not me.

i am always developing crushes on boys who have girlfriends. let's not psychoanalyze. let's not even mope. let's just relish in the fact that wonderful boys do exist.

yes, yes indeed they do.


Friday, December 10, 1999


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