i do not proclaim to like banana republic.
or models, for that matter. or cable TV. but i was home in jersey for thanksgiving, watching road rules reruns and flipping through my mom's stack of "women's" magazines, and i saw this boy:

banana republic boy

i had to put the magazine down because i was so taken aback by how gorgeous he was. and every time i tried to pick it back up, there he was again. just couldn't stop peeking.

it's too bad i wasn't able to get a picture of that exact ad--he was facing the camera and chewing on his sweater collar. embarrassingly, i almost ripped the page out to take home with me. now who's a twelve year old girl?

i mean, if only he wasn't wearing those dorky banana republic clothes. yes, that is one gorgeous boy. and if i had a locker i'd pin him right up.



Sunday, December 12, 1999


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