mmm. whatta babe.
i don't usually use words like "yummy" or pin up pictures of babes, but ewan, oh, ewan. he defies all that.

ewan macgregor

he's so yummy that i have a trainspotting postcard and an obi wan kenobe calendar on my cubicle wall. my co-workers think i am a teeny-bopper disguised as an adult, but i can't help it. ewan does that to me.

it's those crystal-clear eyes and that sandy colored hair and that body that he isn't afraid to show off on the big screen, thank god. (rent pillowbook. you'll die.)

and that accent. i am such a sucker for any UK accent, especially his.

so it's okay if i act and feel like i am 15, again. at least it's not any member of New Kids On The Block gazing down upon me from my cubicle wall. then i'd be worried.


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Tuesday, December 14, 1999


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