dear jeremy (or is it father jeremy?),
this weekend i was reminded (via the laughter of my girlfriends who poked fun at me) of you and the numerous things i did to try to win your heart, and i just want to say i am sorry. i was such a freak.

i followed you around campus like some puppy dog. i stared at you during lunchtime and blushed when you'd look back. i memorized your schedule and found out everything i could about you. and then i tried every not-as-sneaky-as-i-thought scheme to make our paths cross and bring us together.

it wasn't as if you didn't know i was alive, either. you knew very well who i was and what i wanted. you even showed some genuine interest at one point, but i was too scared to actually do something about it. like that one time we met on the corner of bristol and edinger. it was my one chance to have a normal conversation with you, and all i could say was "hello." it's no wonder you never pursued anything. i wouldn't have, either.

but can you blame me? i was 14.

a year or so after high school, i heard you were becoming a priest. i can't help but wonder if i drove you to the priesthood. gosh i hope not, although i bet that made God pretty happy.

um, god bless, i guess,

Wednesday, February 9, 2000


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