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it was kind of funny how we first began interacting, but only funny if you don't know the way i operate. i was clicking through links when i discovered that she had linked to my site from hers; she'd even mentioned my website as the first example of a "weblog" that she'd ever seen, and it had inspired her to do her own, of sorts. i liked her writing, and the colors and subtlety of her site's design. it was a web crush, certainly not the first and certainly not the last.

when i told her, she was surprised, but admitted that she felt the same kind of tingly feelings about me. we sent e-mails and chatted while we were both at work. she even helped to encourage me to launch another, more personal site that i had been thinking about doing for awhile. had i not been encouraged by her, i might never have done it, and i can't even say what the state of my writing and creativity would be like at this very moment.

by the time we met, a month or so later, the crush had petered out for the most part. i've always been the type to love 'em and leave 'em in the crush sense (without the "love" part ever actually happening), but surprisingly, she wasn't hurt when i began to speak of other girls. why? because she was talking about other boys already, as well. i tried to force back the tears until i realized, "waitaminute, she's just like me." (to this day, she is the girl who i trust most with my most secret "i think <insert name> is soooo cute!" revelations.)

i remember i called her "boy crazy" once. ..or maybe she called me "girl crazy" first; i don't remember. it takes one to know one, i suppose. christine is a pretty crazy gal, but in a good way. and that's why boys like me across the globe are constantly falling for her.


Monday, January 01, 2001


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